My ideas for the Victorinox Design Competition 2019

It looks like I didn’t win the Victorinox Design Competition 2019. Other artists got their chance, Congratulations! Nevertheless, I would like to briefly explain my ideas to you.
All things have a meaning in life, so are the Logos for this competition. They express my ideas and you can play with them.

resize.Fishing in 01

<Fishing in the Victorinox Lake>

My idea was that the fish could also play with the fisherman. He can sit and fishing all day long and doesn’t catch anything. Because of the pollution he might only catch plastic or other waste. I later removed the waste from the logo.

resize.V Der Stardt Gummibäre-001

<Gummy bears occupying the city>

I love Gummi Bears! I’m waiting for them to conquer my city one day.

resize.V Der Weg Tomaten Neu YanYan-001

<Moving tomatos>

I love cheeky tomatoes and hot tomato sauce!

resize.V Idol & Fans Radiesli Neu 02 YanYan

<Radish Superstar>

There are Idols and their fans for every area and every art form. I am your fan!

resize.V Ziel Spargel Neu YanYan

<Asparagus/bulls eye>

I love Asparagus and the Asparagus season. They are healthy and my target.